You can access the Pages screen by hovering your mouse over Pages widget choosing All Pages from the fly out sub menus that will appear.

The Pages screen looks like this:


At the top of the Pages screen, you will find two sub-headings directly underneath the page title:

·         All (total number of pages) and

·         Published (number of pages actually published on the website)

Depending on the content already in your system there may be more sub-headings including:

·         Pending Review (number of pages pending review)

·         Draft (number of draft pages waiting to be published) and

·         Private (number of pages published but not visible to the public)

These sub-headings give you a snapshot of the status of the pages in your system and will make more sense as you move through this section.

To the right of these sub-headings and underneath the screen options and help buttons you will find a search tool. This is useful for searching through all of your pages for a specific word or phrase if you have forgotten where it is.

Directly beneath the sub-headings you will find a Bulk Actions drop down menu. This menu allows you to edit or move to trash multiple pages at once. The edit function allows

you to change the parent, template, comments, status or pings of multiple pages at once while the move to trash option allows you to move multiple pages to the trash bin at once.

Across this Bulk Actions drop down menu is counter for number of pages that you already have.

The edit options will make more sense as you move through this section.

If you choose to move multiple pages to the trash at once a Trash link will appear next to the All link. The Trash link is where you can find all the items that you have deleted in the past 30 days.

To select a page for a bulk action simply place a tick in the box to the left of the page's name. Placing a tick in the box next to the word "Title" at the top of the list of pages will select all pages in the list at once. Once your pages are selected, choose an action from the Bulk Actions drop down menu and click on the Apply button.

To the immediate right of the Bulk Actions menu is the Filter Menu for filtering the pages that you wish to display, categorized from the month your WordPress blog was created. By default, it is set to display all pages from all dates.

Underneath the Bulk Actions drop down you will find a table listing all the pages in your website. The columns in the table are, from left to right:

·         The select tick box (to select or deselect a page for editing or deleting)

·         Title (the title of the page)

·         Author (the author of the page)

·         Comments

·         Date (the date the page was published on the website)

Clicking on the title of the page will take you to Edit Page screen as described in the next section. Clicking on the author will filter the list of pages in the table to pages written only by that author.

At the bottom of the list there is another Bulk Actions drop down menu that functions exactly like the one at the top. This is useful if you have a large number of pages in the list and need to scroll down to view them.

If you place the mouse over a page title, a menu appears underneath it with the following options:

·         Edit

·         Quick Edit

·         Trash, and

·         View

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