One of your best friends in the admin system is the "Preview" button. This button allows you to preview changes before you publish them for the public to see. The preview button will show you exactly what the page will look like by opening a new window of your browser and displaying your changes. At this point, the public cannot see your work.

You can preview your changes and make more alterations for as long as you like without the public ever seeing your changes as long as you don't hit the "Update Page" button. Once you click the "Update Page" button your changes will be published on your website for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Underneath the Preview button there is some information about your page and who has access to it online.

Clicking on the Edit link next to "Status : Published" will give you a drop down list with three options:

·         Published (for the world to see)

·         Pending Review (for a colleague to review before publishing)

·         Draft (for you to keep working on before publishing)

Clicking on the Edit link next to “Visibility : Public” will give you a drop down list with three options:

·         Public (for the world to see)

·         Password protected (at which point you will need to enter a password and only those with the password will be able to view it on the website)

·         Private (only visible in the admin system)

The publish date option allows you to choose when the page is to be published. If you choose a time in the future, the page will not be visible on your site until that time.

Once you are happy with your settings, click on the "Update Page" button to save your changes.


Hint: The “Update Page” button may change to “Publish” depending on the status of your page

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