The Toolbar

Above The Editor rectangle there is a toolbar containing common tools for formatting your content. Similar to some word processing programs like Microsoft Word, the standard tools are, from left to right:

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Bold – to make text bold.

Italic – to put text in italics.


Strikethrough – to mark text as deleted


Bullet List – also known as an unordered list:

·         This is an item in a bulleted list

·         This is a second bulleted item.


Numbered List – also known as an ordered list:

1.        This is an item in a numbered list

2.      This is a second item in a numbered list.


Blockquote – used for quoting somebody in an article.

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Horizontal line – adds a horizontal line that can separate content.


Justify left – align the text in the paragraph left.


Justify Center – align the text in the center.


Justify Right – align the text right.


Link – insert a link to another webpage (also called a hyperlink).

Unlink – remove the hyperlink.

Insert ‘More’ Tag – this splits the page into two parts. This may result in your website displaying the content before the ‘More’ tag and placing a “read more” link for users to click through and read the full page

Fullscreen – this allows you to edit your page in full screen mode, giving you greater control over your work area.


NB: See below to learn more about the Fullscreen mode

Toggle Toolbar – this button turns on or off the extra buttons available on the toolbar.


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