Insert/Edit Link

To add a link to your page or post, highlight the word that you want to make the link.

Then click on the insert/edit link button.

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A pop up window will appear allowing you to edit your hyperlink according to what page or site you want to link to.

Type the URL of the external site your want to link to and click the apply button to create the link.

If you want to link to a page or a post on your own website, type the name of the page and post and a drop down will appear which lists the matching pages. Click the relevant page or post and then click the apply button to create the link.

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Click on the link options button will open a popup window.

URL is where you enter the address of the website or page where you want to link to.

Title is the title of the link. Users will see this when the hover their mouse over the link.

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If you want to link to an existing page or post in your site you have two options. One is to search for the title of the page or post,

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Or choose a page from the list of recent pages or posts that is automatically displayed at the bottom of the pop up window.

Mac:private:var:folders:xd:22mttb5942gb29fcys57d3t00000gt:T:com.razola.Glui:430369513465QIWLa5E8RW:2014-08-22 at 11.05 AM.png

Using the search box or choosing one of the recent pages or posts will generate the URL and title for your link.

Once satisfied with your changes click the Save Link or Add Link button.

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