The Kitchen Sink

With the kitchen sink button turned on the toolbar looks like this:

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The following tools are now available to you, from left to right:

Format – this option formats the selected text as a paragraph, address, preformatted, heading or sub-heading.

Underline – to underline text.

Justified – to justify text both left and right.

Text Color – to change the color of the text.

Paste Plain Text – when clicked this button will remove the formatting from any text that is about to be pasted.


NB: It is advisable to use this button if you are copying text from a text editor like notepad or Microsoft Word as the system will format the text into correct html for your website. Avoid pasting text directly into The Editor.

Remove Formatting – remove all formatting from the selected text.

Custom Character – this button will open a pop up dialog box allowing you to insert custom characters such as diacritics for words like café and façade as well as various currency and legal symbols.


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Simply click on the symbol to insert into your page.

Outdent – removes the indent from the start of a line in a paragraph.

Indent – indents the start of a line in a paragraph.

Undo – this reverses, or “un-does” the last thing you did in The Editor. If you hit the undo button more than once it will undo your previous actions in reverse order.

NB: You cannot undo an action once you have Updated the page or Saved it as a draft


Redo – this reverses the undo, or “re-does” the last thing you un-did in The Editor. So if you hit the undo button by mistake you can re-do with this button.

Help – this button open a pop up dialog box with some more information on the functions of the Visual Editor


NB: Your web developer or IT department may have installed additional buttons on your toolbar to the ones listed above. If this is the case, consult them for explanations.

Use the tools available to you in the toolbar to design your page the way you want it.