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The Visual Editor is what you will use when writing or editing posts and pages in the website. Disabling the visual editor means you will only be able to write posts and pages using html and will have no visual representation of the content you're working with.


Caution: It is recommended that you do not tick this box unless you are an experienced html programmer and are familiar with WordPress.


The Admin Color Scheme allows you to change the color scheme of the admin system to your preference.

Keyboard Shortcuts allow you to navigate and perform functions in the comments screen. This is useful if you receive a large number of comments from visitors to your site. If you do not have comments enabled please ignore the following paragraph.

Briefly, if the keyboard shortcuts box is ticked you can move up and down through your list of comments by using the keys "k" and "j" respectively. Once a comment is selected (as shown by a light blue background) you can use the following commands on the keyboard:

·         a – approves the comment

·         s – marks the comment as spam

·         d – deletes the comment

·         u – unapproves the comment

·         r – replies to the comment, and

·         q – allows for a quick edit of the comment

More information is available at the official documentation for WordPress:

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